Rebel without a Cause

James Dean looks on somewhat bemused as Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo among other roles!); possibly extolling the virtues of wearing a frilly and flowery pinafore. Jim played Frank Stark, Dean's anguished character Jim's father. "You're tearing me apart!!"

Lovely Thunderbird sits waiting for a twist of the throttle. Fancy a ride up to the Observatory?


Bang Bang

The actor Ryan Phillipe with his black Bonneville.

Taylor Kitsch aboard an ebony Bonnie too; with camera. The link?

They both star in the film 'The Bang Bang Club' about a group of photojournalists in South Africa during the demise of apartheid; a period on unrest, violence and their pursuit to stand witness to it for the world.

Kevin Carter

The savage and iconic picture that Kevin Carter took in 1994 that gained him a Pulitzer Prize; A starving Sudanese child slumped in the sun while a vulture looks on. Sadly he took his life a few months after that unable to take the horrific images he'd wintessed from famine and war zones.

The Bang Bang Club (2010) www.thebangbangclub.com/

The Welsh band Manic Street Preachers had a song 'Kevin Carter' from their award winning 1996 album: "Everything Must Go".

...another hit of theirs is 'Motorcycle Emptiness' a great early nineties rebel song from their debut album 'Generation Terrorists'.  Inspired by SE Hinton's book 'Rumble Fish' it was made into a cult youth/counter culture film by Francis Ford Coppola starring Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillon.

Rumble Fish (1983)


Rocker Rebel Tattoo

Dedicated to the lifestyle of the motorbiker rocker.
Danger ~ "Live Fast Die Young!"


The Wild One

Johnny Strabler taking a laid back approach to life as the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club leader in the classic biker picture The Wild One. A movie loosely based on the events of a fictiionalized hell-raising by a motorcycle gang in Hollister CA in the early Fifties. A Time magazine article spread the word about the Bad-Boy image of bikers that still lives to this day; helped with a not too bad part of Brando in the lead role.

Atop his Triumph Thunderbird 6T, this film andoubtedly promoted the popularity of Triumph motorcycles in the US when they, along with BSA, were the dominant world force of motos. A reign that would last two strong decades until the Japanese bikes came along. His white t-shirt, askew cap, black leather jacket, engineer boots and turned up jeans and surly sideburned appearance became the image of the rocker-rebel for generations.


Pitt the Motorcyclist

Another action guy used to hauling around on or being seen with British Iron is Brad Pitt. Obviously at one with the cool value offered by this great marque. Here he is in the retro-life Benjamin Button.

The silver blue Thunderbird coloured Tiger with nacelle headlight is a beaut!

Trying on the McQueen mantle of two wheeled freedom.


Adamant Rider

Hugh Jackman a.k.a. Wolverine is a keen motorcyclist it seems. Being seen here with a nice looking 70's Bonnie.

Even the comic-book Logan is seen cruisin' on a Trumpet...

Of course in the X-Men: Origins movie has Jacko haring around on a big American Iron. Get those claws out!

He's the baddest, meanest, best superhuman mutant out there!

Of course, as with all Stan Lee creations the supporting merchandise must follow!