Batgirl on her Batbike




Jessie Bluitt said...

It should be entitled as the Biker Batgirl. :) That is one extraordinary bat motorcycle, Geordie. I'm awestruck by its cape-like style on both sides on the front. Not to mention, the big yellow ribbon on its back - that is so fabulous. The color scheme too matches the original Batgirl costume. Is this the original or a replica?

Hannah Parkin said...

Batgirl's Bat-cycle is actually a customized Yamaha YDS-5E which was used for the 1967 Batman ABC presentation. The bike that was used in the actual series was different, though. Yvonne Craig mentioned in an interview, that she was supposed to ride through a brick wall. Personally, the video would be more marvelous if she had broken through that wall in the end. Besides, I think if they had props like that in the 60s, it wouldn't have been that bad at all.

Claudio Mccarty said...

Wow, Batgirl has her own theme song! Nice one for Barbara Gordon. Oh, if you didn’t know, her bike is actually called the Batblade. It can function under extreme weather conditions as you can see in the movie “Batman and Robin” when Mr. Freeze was freezing up Gotham city.