Hergés adventures of ....

The Thompson Twins and Snowy take fright as our intrepid hero de jour takes flight on his motorcycle.

There's a good chance he's astride a Terrot, the makers of the Gallic 'cycle brand that was based in Dijon. Here's a 1930 model the 350cc HST

Note: Hergé was the pen name of Georges Prosper Remi, writer and artist (1907-83) his name being his initials backwards RG in french of course!


He IS the Law: and you'd better believe it!

Here's a stunning rendition of Judge Dredd on his Lawmaster, action shot riding whilst shooting his Lawgiver. The pencil sketch shows great form and the rendered image gives it life! Smashin' stuff! (artist: Lee Carter)


Macca - A Ticket to Ride

This could be prior to his infamous moped accident in late '66. Where he cut his lip and chipped a tooth. Anyway he's atop a Thunderbird, glossy black with spiffy nacelle headlight.

I don't know why she's ridin' so high.
She oughtta think twice.
She oughtta do right by me.

A 1962 Thunderbird



Field of Dreams...

A McQueen fix, here's wor Steve looking on at the ISDT rides quarantined from the riders pre-race. His is the one in front no doubt "278". Pensive before the six days ahead!


Thunderbirds are Go!

A new model in the Triumph line-up: the 1600cc parallel twin cruiser in a blackened finish called the Thunderbird Storm. Twin headlights, wide seat and chunky rubber underfoot. It looks like a GOOD ride, comfy width seat and bars, with, I'm sure, power to boot! Well, if ever I did go down the cruiser route, this is the one for me!


Catch a Tiger by the Trail...

In the last breath of life in the Meridan existance of the Triumph name, one model was promoted in a small way for a very specialist use: the street scrambler. Using a name made from desert racing no doubt, the Tiger 750 model, TR7R, was, in 1982, given a fresh lick of paint, big front hoop with knobbly tire, long front forks, engine bash guard and natty headlight mesh. A little too heavy against the lightweight two-strokes offered by Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawaaki and Honda; or even the 600 4 stroke singles for that matter. The only direct competions would be the newly released BMW GS80, embryonic monster trail, grandpappy of the big GS1150 used by globetrekkers now.

The blackened engine is aimed at the Yamaha crowd of the time. As is the boxy silencer.

Here's a clean example on display at the Motorcycle Museum in London, wheel displayed aloft in expected ride style!  Big plastic off-road mud guard in front, very un-triumph!

A clean example at the Ace cafe; a brace of enthusiastic onlookers enjoy it's company!

Left hand gears, disc brake front, drum rear, short seat, wide braced bars, kick starter. This looks like it would actually be a fun ride for adventure travel! Just need some period looking aluminium panniers! Shades of todays Scrambler 900 model? Here's a couple more views of this little corker of a ride! Enjoy! Oh, and it seems to be as rare as hens teeth!


Muds vs Ruckers pt. six

A few cafes from other makes also made appearances at Delilahs: starting off with a sweet Kawasaki W650, the twin based on a 60's motor; more so than the newer Bonnies. Clubmans, alloy petrol tank, ally rims, rear-sets, bum stop seat: what more could you want?

Triton, Triumph, Egli-Vincent! A Hat trick!

The Triton, resplendent with well patch'd leathers and chequered puddin' bowl.

The Pre-Unit BSA A10, a smashing example of this fine, fine motorcycle. Very close to my very own RGS.

Geordies 'cycle... the blue Parilla racer. Streamlined noses abound! 


Triumph Motorcycles

Why Triumph? Is it the name?

intr.v. tri·umphed, tri·umph·ing, tri·umphs
1. To be victorious or successful; win.
2. To rejoice over a success or victory; exult.
3. To receive honors upon return from a victory in ancient Rome. Used of a general.
4. To be in motion rapidly along a roadway, either straight or curvilinear in alignment, upon a two-wheeled transport from the Midlands area of the United Kingdom. See: to hare

1. The fact of being victorious; victory or conquest.
2. A noteworthy or spectacular success.
3. Exultation or rejoicing over victory or success.
4. A public celebration in ancient Rome to welcome a returning victorious commander and his army.
5. The pre-eminent motorcycle from the Midlands area of the United Kingdom.
....seems about right!


Sods vs Fockers Part V

Here's an ample selection of details from the bike at the show; all Triumph of course! Starting with the tank badge of my favorite, the green Speed Triple. The mean bug-eyed monster.

Clocks from a newer Bonnie, nice clamp name detail.

Bonneville 'Oil Tank' name and flag. Patriotic or what!

Center tank bolt cover badge. I need one for my tank.

The Lucas Ammeter, the 'Lord of Darkness' reigns supreme! Or so this indicates!

A Tiger and its stripes.

The clean monochrome look on the Trophy touring bike. Sublime.

...and finally the Smiths Chronometric speedo; 120 m.p.h. sir? On a Bonnie in favorable conditions? Nearly! Neverthless a beautiful graphic, used in British 'cycles and sports cars of the period.


Rods vs Mockers Part Four

Here are the older Meriden Triumphs at the street show, each with their owners mark on them, each with mileage and aged patina giving an certain 'life' to them.

Plum late 60's Bonnie: Simply Gorgeous.

Mid 70's oil in frame left shift 750 Bonnie. Carefully prepared and maintained.

A bobbed 650, pinstriped thruugh like Blackpool Rock!

My Bonnies dark brother, A clean 71/72 OIF Bonnie.

Mid 60's Unit lump; A fine engine.

Super clean early 70's OIF, nice white 'horns' on the ebony tank.

Pre-Unit hardtail chopper. Funky ape hangers, high, high pipes and batwing pinstriping.

Mirror finish cafe'd Trumpet. Rocker ready!


Mods vs Rockers Part III

Some neat 'Flyers' were prepared to promote the show; Mods vs Rockers as the inspiration. A BSA Goldie for the backdrop in neon pink and orange is inspired. Nice clean poster.

A close-up of the MvsR graphic, puddin' bowl and cap. RAF roundel mod emblem & spade '59' badge.

 A super 'screen-print' image for the weekly meeting at a local hang out for bikers.  


Mods vs Rockers: Part II

I concentrated on the Triumphs: starting with a good range of the newer Hinckley models, each with their own personalized modification to varying degrees.

Local dealer Motoworks were thre showing a few bikes; the green Speed Triple was my fave...

The modern Tiger, tall legged ready for roadgoing adventure.

A pair of Thruxtons with small fairings for a lively race look.

Bonnevilles galore...

Tangerine and delight.

Seeing triple!

The McQueen inspired Scrambler; a suitably fun based ride.

Bikes glow in appreciation.

The sublime powerplant of the 2300cc Triumph.

The rounded lines of the late nineties Trophy, competent speed and distance tug.

All tastes covered, from the clean touring bike to a colorful cafe...

...and finally, a bobbed Triumph. Hardtail and sprung saddle; though clip-ons and forward placed footrests may make an awkward seating position. But obviously a well-loved ride.