Mods vs Rockers: Part II

I concentrated on the Triumphs: starting with a good range of the newer Hinckley models, each with their own personalized modification to varying degrees.

Local dealer Motoworks were thre showing a few bikes; the green Speed Triple was my fave...

The modern Tiger, tall legged ready for roadgoing adventure.

A pair of Thruxtons with small fairings for a lively race look.

Bonnevilles galore...

Tangerine and delight.

Seeing triple!

The McQueen inspired Scrambler; a suitably fun based ride.

Bikes glow in appreciation.

The sublime powerplant of the 2300cc Triumph.

The rounded lines of the late nineties Trophy, competent speed and distance tug.

All tastes covered, from the clean touring bike to a colorful cafe...

...and finally, a bobbed Triumph. Hardtail and sprung saddle; though clip-ons and forward placed footrests may make an awkward seating position. But obviously a well-loved ride.

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