of Malcolm Uphill and the Triumph Bonneville

From http://www.triumphbonneville.com/ - a site dedicated to the T140 and TR7:

"The best lap could be around the 103mph mark" predicted Paul Dunstall, for whom Ray Pickrell had put in a storming circuit of the 37.73 mile course at 99.39mph on a Norton twin, but Dunstall's favourite was Triumph's Malcolm Uphill,on a 60bhp 650cc Triumph Bonneville...

The production TT introduced in 1967 was no reprise of the worthy but often dull Clubman's races. Rider's were top names and engines were tuned to last for the three laps it would take to boost sales and prestige for the coming season. British Manufacturers might have lost the battle for the smaller capacity classes, but big twins like the Commando and the Bonneville were still competitive on the track and in the showroom.

Uphill ignored the pressure and still likes to recall how he eased off once he was sure of a win.
"The 100mph lap didn't mean much to me at the time", he says. Far more important was the £50 prize, £70 in trade bonuses and the £300 Triumph Bonneville MAC232E-his fee from Meriden.

Hunched well forward on the howling twin,pudding basin hemet bobbing above the steering head, Uphill flew through the speed trap at the highlander pub at just under 135mph. His standing start at 100.09mph looked effortless until spectators realised the scraping sound was Malcolm cornering on the Dunlop K81's until his fairing touched the road. A faster second lap and a ton plus race average looked certain until this cool professional throttled back to finish with 99.99mph. It was the Bonnevilles finest hour,and a feat immortalised by Dunlop on the sidewall of every K81 the 'TT100'.

As well as the Thruxton 500 in 1969 he also dominated the NW200 road race in Northern Ireland.

Fantastic shot of him at speed, classic lines of the Triumph blurs the scenery.

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