Speedway Fairground Ride

Growing up in North Northumberland one of the highlights of late summer was the annual arrival for two weeks of the 'shows'. A small travelling fairground called Slaters. Among the shuggy boats, 'big' wheel, and octopus rides as well as the gaping mouth clowns and pingpong goldfish bowl arcade was the "Speedway" ride. a rolling carousel of bikes and chairs. It was, for a 7 year old, the first effects of speed and centrigugal forces sitting atop a 'motorbike' although it was fixed!

Ahh, the heady smell of candy-floss, diesel and trampled summer-dry grass; backed by flashing lights, 70's disco music and whirring machinery. 

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Anonymous said...

This brings back nostalgic memories ! Remember watching the speedway being assembled from our back bedroom window in Seahouses when the fair (shows) were set up on the football field behind King Street (Beadnell Road)
Just had a few great rides on the dodgems tonight 21/8/12 thanks to Rueben Slater.
Chris Freeman