The True Dedicated Ownership of a 40 year old British Bike

Well, I thought I'd get out for a spin with this beautiful autumn weather. Leaf colour, blue skies, a slight chill in the air.

A quiet road, sun behind me, all afternoon...

...until the old gal started hicking; I turned for home but only made it halfway through Highland Park... ... Engine dead; a sort wait for a kind fella cycling with his sons, he went home to drive back with his Prius, we tried to jump the bike with his big motor battery; no luck. However Dean called back from a message I left, he'd be up in his Ford Ranger.

In the meantime I pushed the bike down to Bob's Pantry so I could sit and wait. Just as the sun was setting over the Braeside Metra station Dean arrives and we tote the bike back to Evanston. Well that puts paid to this years riding; a strip down of the electrical sysem is in order, a new harness and hopefull all good to go for Spring 2012!

Loaded on the Ranger; lifesaver!

B.S.A. continues tomorrow!

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